Cosmetics Company Jejuindi Selected for Jeju DMO Pilot Project of JDC and Starts Product Development and Export

2021-02-19 10:30 출처: Jejuindi Co., Ltd.

JEJU--(뉴스와이어) 2021년 02월 19일 -- Jejuindi Co., Ltd., a Korean cosmetics company, announced a plan to promote product development and export in earnest.

In December 2020, Jejuindi was selected as a company to participate in the Jeju Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) pilot project of Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC). The DMO pilot project of JDC supports marketing through the tourism commercialization support project aimed at improving tourism products developed by connecting tourism and other industries of Jeju Island. By actively making use of this project, Jejuindi will develop products based on the regional characteristics with improved marketability and competitiveness.

Having been selected in 2020 as a Sixth Industry certified business, Star Product Company of Jeju, company with improved innovative capabilities, member of Jeju National Innovation Cluster Project Team, and company contributing to local community development by Jeju Business Agency, Jejuindi is ready for exporting products as it has secured and obtained certification for the intellectual property right, paid the test and analysis costs, and manufactured trial products.

Jejuindi has secured a solid product lineup by introducing 25 cosmetic products so far. The company's key brands include Indi Bebe, a cosmetics line for children, Poly Indigo, and Indinature, which are created using Polygonum indigo (seeds) with excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects grown on ILCHULLAND in Seongsan, Jeju-do. Jejuindi also offers the Camellia series made using camellia flowers and seeds.

“In 2020, we released four new products. These products are being received quite favorably in the market,” said Jejuindi CEO Choon-il Kang. “We have been trying to make good products so far. Now, we will focus more on extending our business abroad by showing our products to the world.”

For more information on Jejuindi Co., Ltd., please visit its website.

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